Nate + Pam Postma

After the high school sweethearts married in 1981, Nate & Pam Postma worked hard while pursuing their passion for climbing as they traveled and climbed together recreationally and competitively. They founded Vertical Endeavors in 1992, and during those early days the company operated out of the couple’s residential garage! Pam has worked most of the…

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Tracy Paino

Tracy (or Dr. Paino) worked as an educator and administrator in higher education for over 20 years. He has been a national motivational speaker and representative for a non-profit organization helping youth and children in poverty around the world. While spending more than two decades as a college professor and dean, he also served as…

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Jason Noble

Jason Noble has been deeply involved in the climbing industry since joining Vertical Endeavors in 1992. In his tenure at Vertical Endeavors, Jason managed the first climbing facility to participate in the CGA (Climbing Gym Association) Accreditation Program and acted as an Examiner for the Accreditation Program. Jason held a position on the CWA Industry…

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