Minnesota Vertical Endeavors gyms are a part of the NIHCA network, which allows our members to qualify for Health Insurance reimbursement.

The amount (if any) for which the member can be reimbursed depends on their insurance carrier. Most people qualify for a $20 reimbursement from their insurance company if they visit Vertical Endeavors at least 12 times per month.

You will need your member number (located on your member key card) to apply.

First Time Enrollment Members

1. Go to (Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)
2. Go to “MEMBERS Options”
3. Click “First Time Enrollment”
4. Select your Insurance Company.
5. Enter the Zip Code of your facility to find your location.
6. Click “Enroll Online” which will prompt you to fill out
information that will complete your online enrollment.
(Some facilities will say “Enroll”, if so, you will need to talk to
the Manager in order to get signed-up).
7. Read your insurance information before enrolling in fitness Incentive program.
8. Complete all fields for “Member Enrollment” and click Submit.

Congrats! You are now enrolled in the fitness incentive program. Once you have enrolled, you may go into “Already Enrolled” to view your workout and reimbursement history.

Always be sure to update and edit your profile with any changes that are pertinent for your incentive program. If you have any further questions, please talk to a Manager at your Vertical Endeavors. Get Healthy & Get Rewarded!


As of 1/1/2020, all 3M employees and spouses are eligible through the HealthPartner's Frequent Fitness program.


  • 3M employees are insured by either HealthPartners OR Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota*
  • 3M is continuing the fitness reimbursement program through HealthPartners (not BCBSMN)
  • 3M-eligible people need to work out 12 times per month to receive up to a $20 reimbursement per month
  • Employee + Spouse are eligible

*IF the 3M-eligible person has HealthPartners, they will simply enter their HP insurance information. For those 3M employees who are still insured by BCBSMN, they are still eligible and can participate however they need to enter the instructions below. 3M employees eligible through BCBSMN have received communication with these instructions from JourneyWell.

First and foremost, if the member is Already Enrolled in NIHCArewards, they should NOT enroll a second time.

An Already Enrolled BCBSMN 3M individual would need to log into their Already Enrolled profile in NIHCArewards and change their insurance information to HealthPartners insurance instead of BCBSMN.

  • 3M’s specific BCBSMN group # is 3190E
  • A BCBSMN 3M Employee will enter their 8 digit 3M ID #; if their ID is only 6 digits, they need to add “01” at the beginning so it is a total of 8 digits long.
  • A 3M Spouse enters the employee’s 3M ID # (8 digits) + the spouses full DOB I.E. Employee Id is 98765432 and DOB is 01/22/80 they would enter 98765432012280

If you get a new 3M member that has never enrolled into NIHCArewards, they would go to NIHCArewards and complete the First Time Enrollment choosing HealthPartners as their insurance.

If you are a member of NIHCA and need to sign up for the HealthPartners program, please contact us. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Member Responsibilities

  • It is the member’s responsibility to enroll and complete the online process at
  • The member must promptly edit any changes to their insurance benefit at and update any information that is pertinent to their member profile.
  • The member must workout within the walls of the fitness facility and/or within the facility’s supervised programming.
  • It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that the workout is recorded at the time of check-in to the facility; only one check-in per day is permitted towards the incentive program(s).
  • The member will have a period of time between the completed month and the applied reimbursement/ incentive.
  • The reimbursement/incentive cannot exceed what the member pays the facility for their membership. (i.e. If a member does not pay anything for their membership dues, then the member cannot be eligible to participate).
  • If the member is denied reimbursements/incentives due to ineligibility, have them contact “Member Services” on the back of their insurance card.

All participants must sign our Liability Waiver and Rules Agreement.