Looking for an easy way to meet other climbers or improve your climbing?

Vertical Endeavors Adult Climb League is a six week climbing league that is open to climbers 21+ of all skill levels.

Sign up individually or as a team. Individuals will be placed in teams of 4 and will choose a division based on their skill level. During league nights climbers will earn points for the routes they send with prizes awarded to the top ­finishers at the end of the six week session.

2018 Season

1Week of Jan 8–Feb 167:00–9:30 PM
2Week of Feb 26–Apr 67:00–9:30 PM
3Week of Apr 23–Jun 17:00–9:30 PM
4Week of Jun 11–Jul 277:00–9:30 PM
5Week of Aug 13–Sep 217:00–9:30 PM
6Week of Oct 8–Nov 167:00–9:30 PM

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All participants must sign our Liability Waiver and Rules Agreement.