Nate + Pam Postma

After the high school sweethearts married in 1981, Nate & Pam Postma worked hard while pursuing their passion for climbing as they traveled and climbed together recreationally and competitively. They founded Vertical Endeavors in 1992, and during those early days the company operated out of the couple’s residential garage!

Pam has worked most of the various roles at VE and now takes care of the financial and HR aspects of the business. Nate is a founding board member of the former Climbing Gym Association (CGA), the current Climbing Wall Association (CWA), and is also a former board member of the Climbing Wall Industry Group (CWIG). In addition, Nate is a member of the CWA’s Engineering Standards Committee (ESC) – the group that is currently updating and re-issuing the old CWIG climbing wall standards. Nate and Pam both continue to be innovators and leaders in the indoor climbing industry as it grows.

Climbing has long been a way of life for Nate & Pam, but they also enjoy wind surfing, traveling to beautiful places, and getting outside with their two dogs: Kikki and Ellie

At the 2017 CWA Summit Conference, Nate was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions towards the climbing industry.