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Welcome First Time Climbers!

Never been climbing before? Vertical Endeavors is the perfect place to start! Our facilities offer a variety of climbing and activities including Auto Belays, Top Rope and Lead Routes, multiple Bouldering areas, as well as select locations offering Yoga and Fitness classes. We have routes for first time climbers, routes for the most advanced climbers, and everything in-between. Come on in to any of our 6 locations to try rock climbing today! Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will guide you through a First Time Climber orientation and be happy to answer any questions.

Vertical Endeavors offers Day Passes ($22), 10-Visit Passes ($175), and Month-to Month-Memberships. Duluth prices may differ.

Gear rentals are $5 for individual items or $13 for a rental package. We recommend taking advantage of climbing shoes- they make a huge difference when gripping footholds. If you are planning on climbing our popular auto belay routes, you will need a harness. Chalk, chalk bags, and belay devices are also available to rent. Duluth prices may differ.

Here is a helpful article to read before your first time climbing.


Before You Climb

Step 1: Fill out a waiver.
All guests must fill out a waiver before entering the facility. This can be done online at home or once you arrive to the facility.

Step 2: Watch the Video Orientation.
Speed up the process by filling out an Online Waiver prior to your visit! The Online Waiver includes a Facility Video Orientation and will take about 10 minutes to complete. Please pay close attention to the rules and procedures for your safety. This video is in place of a facility tour and orientation.

Upon arriving at the facility, you will be quizzed on the information in the Orientation Video. If you do not pass the quiz, you will be required to REWATCH the video or complete an in-person orientation. Due to low staffing, this may take extra time. Please pay close attention while watching the Orientation Video!!

Step 3: Climb On!
All VE facilities, except for VE–Twin Cities Bouldering, feature bouldering areas, auto belays, and lead climbing options. VE–Twin Cities Bouldering is a bouldering specific facility complete with a yoga studio and a fully equipped fitness center. We have rock climbing routes available for everyone, no matter your skill level!

First Time Climber FAQs

We offer climbing for all ages and abilities as there is no minimum or maximum age or skill set to climb at Vertical Endeavors. Participants under the age of 14 are required to have adult supervision. We do have age restrictions for using certain areas in the facility or for obtaining certain qualifications, such as belaying and bouldering areas. There is no weight limit for climbing in the facility in the Bouldering Areas or on Top Rope or Sport Lead Climbing. The Spectrum Auto Belay systems used in our facilities are tested for up to 250 lbs. See facility signage and the Vertical Endeavors Rules Agreement for more details.

Nope! Just come on in. 

You should wear loose and comfortable clothing with tight athletic shoes. Rental climbing shoes are available for $6. If you have long hair bring something to tie it back. Be sure to remove all jewelry before climbing.  

You do not need to be a member to climb at Vertical Endeavors as we offer day passes for individual uses. We also offer 10-visit passes that grant you access to any of our facilities and can be shared among family and friends. Members enjoy unlimited climbing, pro shop discounts, and exclusive member-only events. We offer all-access memberships which allow you to climb at any VE facility anytime or single facility memberships which grants you unlimited access to any single location of your choice. Memberships are month-to-month E.F.T.  View our Pricing Page for more information on our rates.

The common misconception that climbing is all about upper body strength is completely false, as elegance of balance, movement and economy of strength are much more important. Our facilities offer a variety of activities including Auto Belays, Top Rope and Lead Routes, and multiple Bouldering areas. In addition, select locations offer Yoga, and Fitness classes. More than anything else, we combine the physicality of sport with problem solving, technique, and the mental stamina to overcome fears.

All you need to do is show up! Any time we're open, we're ready to welcome first-time climbers. Everyone entering the climbing area will also need to fill out a Vertical Endeavors Liability Waiver and attend a short facility orientation. Anyone under 18 must have a waiver signed by their parent or court-appointed legal guardian. You can save time by filling out our online waiver before your visit. With Auto Belays (a device that takes up slack in the rope as you climb and slowly lets you down when you let go) and bouldering caves, anyone can become a consistent climber.

Our facilities set routes and problems based off of the Yosemite Decimal System (YDS). This system describes the difficulty level of the climb in combination with a scaled rating number from Beginner to Advanced/Very Difficult.

Roped Routes: Boulder Problems:
5.1-5.4 - Beginner VB - Beginner
5.5-5.8 - Easy V0-V1 - Intermediate
5.9-5.10 - Intermediate V2-V6- Hard to Difficult
5.11-5.12 - Hard to Difficult V7-V10 - Very Difficult
5.13 - 5.15 - Very Difficult

View our Policies page for more information!

All participants must sign our Liability Waiver and Rules Agreement.