Waivers and Policies

Waiver Policy

All participants must sign a Vertical Endeavors Liability Waiver and Rules Agreement. A signed waiver is required for all participants, climbers and spectators in order to enter the gym. Participants 18 years old (or older) must present a valid photo ID to a Vertical Endeavors staff member after submitting these forms to verify their information. Participants under 18 years old must have the form signed by their parent or court-appointed legal guardian.

Vertical Endeavors requires all customers and members to fill out a new waiver every two years.

Any waiver filled out online will expire if not confirmed at a facility within 60 days of submission.

Speed up the process by filling out an Online Waiver prior to your visit!

NOTE: To complete your Online Waiver, you must click on the link emailed to you after completing the form. After you have clicked and confirmed this emailed link, a PDF copy of your waiver will be sent to your email and the Vertical Endeavors location you selected.

All participants must sign our Liability Waiver and Rules Agreement.