Craig Nelson

Since: 2019 About Me: The one thing you should know about me is, I like talking about fishing more. Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa Climbing Since: Crimping since 2002 Favorite Type of Climbing: Low ball bouldering, all joking aside, I’m talking real low. Favorite Climbing Area: I do enjoy the boulders of Devils Lake, WI- the…

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Jianna Hoss

Since: 2019 About Me: Probably outside or upside down, Jianna is a believer in the yoga mat as a laboratory: a place to explore and learn. Yoga and movement classes with Jianna pull from many movement modalities and aim to bridge the gap between traditional yoga asana and modern movement science. Most interested in things outside,…

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Kyle Wachter

Since: 2011 About Me:  Born and raised in the Twin Cities. I have three kids that make every aspect of my life fuller and more meaningful. I grew up spending a lot of time out west and upon experiencing real mountains, was forever altered. There are a lot of meaningful ways to experience true wilderness but…

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