Kyle Wachter

Since: 2011

About Me:  Born and raised in the Twin Cities. I have three kids that make every aspect of my life fuller and more meaningful. I grew up spending a lot of time out west and upon experiencing real mountains, was forever altered. There are a lot of meaningful ways to experience true wilderness but climbing is by far one of my favorites, fishing is another.

Hometown: Apple Valley, MN

Climbing Since: 2002

Favorite Type of Climbing: Long easy trad

Favorite Climbing Area: Tough to answer, many memorable trips to Montana, Wyoming and the Black Hills.

What I love about climbing: The adventure, the perspective gained and sharing the experience with others.

Other Interests:: Spending time with my three kids, all things fly fishing, music, coffee, travelling, camping, learning, playing in bands, being active, being outside, being with friends.

Interesting Facts:  For many years I played the Tuba in orchestras.