Matthew Schudel

Since: 2019

About Me: Climbing has always been there for me throughout life. What I like to climb changes from session to session from projecting at my limit to going out and climbing really tall classics. I have never been a grade chaser, more so I get too excited for beautiful lines that happen to be way outside my climbing ability and have to constantly improve to climb them.

Hometown: Kalamazoo, MI

Climbing Since: 2003

Favorite Type of Climbing: Moderate multi-pitch trad/hard single pitch sport

Favorite Climbing Area: How there is always more to learn. I love teaching and helping people learn how to reach their climbing goals.

What I love about climbing: Finding new and/or trying out new areas.

Other Interests: Running, cycling, photography, backpacking. Basically, anything that lets me spend time outdoors.

Interesting Facts: I weigh roughly 4 million lady bugs.