Chance Rodriguez

Since: 2021

About Me: I was born and raised in the south (Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi) and moved to the Twin Cities in 2018. Before coming to the cities, I lived in New York working on a PhD in Mathematics but decided to stop after receiving my Master’s. I taught math for a few years at Augsburg before starting here at TCB.

Hometown: Pinola, MS

Climbing Since: 2015

Favorite Type of Climbing: Bouldering, obviously. In particular, I enjoy slow slab and slopey crimps.

Favorite Climbing Area: Sawmill – Finland, MN

What I love about climbing: Like everyone else, I love that climbing is an enjoyable physical activity that incorporates a good amount of problem-solving.

Other Interests: Slacklining, juggling, Rubik’s cube, video games, coffee, topological combinatorics

Interesting Facts: I’m allergic to celery. I make a cappuccino every morning with a manual lever espresso machine.