Brett McGraw

Since: 2015

About Me: I began my climbing career in October 2008 with a trip to VE Saint Paul for the Thursday Night Meetup followed by a weekend of climbing at Taylors Falls and Red Wing. While I was hooked and began climbing at least a few times a month it was not until a friend gifted me a three month membership in the spring of 2011 that I started climbing several times a week. That summer I attended a route setting clinic at VE Saint Paul and joined the ranks of VE Setters. By the fall of 2012 I had worked my way on to the Minneapolis crew and was setting every chance I could get. As a setter I got to know all of the staff and many of our members. In 2014 I approached the Minneapolis facility manager and expressed an interest in becoming an employee. After year of discussing possible roles I was hired as the second assistant facility manager.

Hometown: Detroit

Climbing Since: 2008

Favorite Type of Climbing: I love it all but have to say trad and sport lead are my favorite types of climbing.

Favorite Climbing Area: For sport climbing I could spend years at Horseshoe Canyon and what Minnesota Climber does not love the Black Hills!

What I love about climbing: I love the adventure and the rush but have to say my favorite aspect of climbing is the community. What other industry could I work in where my best friends are my coworkers and customers?

Other Interests: When I am not climbing you can usually find me enjoying live music somewhere. The mosh pit at First Ave is a close second to taking whippers in my life of thrills! Oh, and I fancy myself an aspiring home brewer. Climbing music and beer, who could ask for more?

Interesting Facts: As a kid I traveled extensively throughout the south west with my parents including California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada. If someone had only tied me into a rope back then I may have never moved back to Michigan after high school and eventually found myself working at a climbing gym in Minnesota.