Ben Welper

Since: 2021

About Me: “Welcome to my bio!” I don’t have a rich background in climbing in my history but it did become a huge passion when my Best Man invited me to go climbing with him last year in Grimes, IA, at Climb Iowa. Ever since that day we both did our best to drive the 2 hours to get there at least once a week and continue to push each other to do better than our previous visit. Once winter ended, we started to climb outdoors closer to us. That was cut short, though, because my wife, Hannah, got a job up at the hospital here in Duluth. So the two of us moved up here with our four-legged toddler Pitbull named Romance (Roma for short). Now it’s just a matter of getting Hannah into climbing so I have a climbing partner.

Hometown: Clear Lake, IA

Climbing Since: 2020

Favorite Type of Climbing: Top Rope

Favorite Climbing Area:

What I love about climbing:Climbing offers a challenge for everyone regardless of age and experience. It also offers a great support community.

Other Interests:Listening/Discovering music, biking, hiking, kayaking, traveling, video games, board/card games, soccer (watching/playing), hockey (watching), and being with friends and family.

Interesting Facts: I always thought music is life. Music has an amazing way of pulling out emotions that living in general can’t always pull off. Great music tells a story and pulls the listener into said story to live it. My music taste is a spectrum of most genres ranging from country to metal, rock to electronic, chants to decades, foreign to pop.