YOGA & Fitness

At VE–Twin Cities Bouldering, we’ve designed a Yoga & Fitness Program that offers you a variety of daily classes, ranging from Vinyasa Yoga, quick 30 minute Core classes, Kettlebell and TRX work, and Recovery focused practices. Whether you’re looking for pre-climb or post-climb classes with your community, or if you’re in need of a restorative practice on your rest days, we’ve got you covered day in and day out.


In addition to our weekly group fitness classes, we offer a variety of workshops and series. Our workshops and series will dive deep into specific content, and work collaboratively with our local community and other small businesses. We are constantly adding new workshops and series, so continue to check our calendar and or follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date.

Prices for our workshops and series varies. Member discounts are provided.


Sign up for a single class that focuses on specific movement and fitness.

Joint Mobility For Climbers

Instructor: Sam Alexander | Join us for our first Joint Mobility for Climbers specialty workshop with our resident chiropractor and movement specialist, Sam Alexander. Utilizing methodical and controlled movements, you’ll build joint strength, body control, and enhanced overall mobility. Learn more

Foot Strength for Climbers

Instructor: Andy Gunsaullus | This specialty workshop will cover the importance of developing strong and resilient feet, and how that influences our movement mechanics while we climb, run, walk, workout, and do anything that involves our feet .Over the course of this 90 minute clinic, we’ll examine how the foot and ankle work in tandem with one another, and explore methods and techniques to build strength and stability within the joint structures and musculature of your ankles and feet. Learn more


Sign up for weekly classes designed to improve your movement, overall fitness, and/or climbing level over a specific period.

Handstand Foundations

Instructor: JQ Williams | Join us for this new introductory class series, where we’ll take an in-depth look at the practice of standing on your hands. This series has specifically been created for those who are handstand beginners. Broken down into four 60 minute sessions, you’ll deepen your understanding of the basic biomechanics of balancing on your hands, while deconstructing each individual element that collectively creates a solid inversion practice. Learn more

Yoga On The Go! 

Being in the outdoors and working with our local community is a huge part of who we are. Yoga On The Go aims to bring our yoga classes beyond the walls of VE by partnering with local business and the surrounding cities. Yoga On The Go features fun yoga events such as Yoga in the Park, Yoga and a Pint, and more!

A Dual Endeavor: Yoga and a pint

Dual Citizen Brewery and Vertical Endeavors Twin Cities Bouldering have joined forces to offer you “A Dual Endeavor: Yoga & A Pint”. Sharing common values that are rooted in the importance of creating strong and broad community ties, we’re so eager to get to know all of our new neighbors! Join us for a lighthearted and playful yoga practice twice monthly, that aims to be accessible, approachable, and inclusive.


Schedule a FREE Consultation or a 1-hour session with one of our with Personal Trainers to design a program specific to your health and fitness goals. With personal training, the focus is you. Our trainers will work with you to achieve your personal goals and give you the tools and knowledge to continue your wellness journey independently. We offer personal training at VE–Twin Cities Bouldering with Andy Gunsaullus and at VE–Bloomington with Jordan Ginther.

Jordan Ginther

  • Location: VE–Bloomington
  • Offerings: Schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation or 1-hour session.
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Andy Gunsaullus

  • Location: VE–Twin Cities Bouldering
  • Offerings: Schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation. (Ongoing personal training sessions will be priced out and scheduled with Andy during the consultation depending on your needs)

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