Vertical Endeavors is now offering online Yoga + Fitness classes during our COVID-19 closures. Unwind, online with us.

Regular exercise can help reduce stress and anxiety, as well as strengthen our immune systems. Vertical Endeavors is proud to offer yoga and fitness classes in addition to rock climbing and exercise equipment. Our daily free classes; Yoga Flow, Yoga Recover, Movement & Mobility, and Strength for Climbers, will be moving online during our COVID-19 closures. We will be posting classes on Youtube daily. Check out the schedule below and join us every day at 11am.

How to access Online Unwind

1. Check out our class schedule (above).
2. Gather the necessary equipment (or everyday household items) for the class.
3. Visit our Youtube channel at or after the time of the class.
4. Unwind, online with us!
5. Come hang with us every day online until the facilities are back open.


Equipment will be optional for most classes! However, here are a few things you can use in place of common props!

  • YOGA BLOCK: water bottle, books
  • STRAP: scarf, belt, rope
  • BOLSTER: pillow, rolled up blanket, or couch cushion
  • YOGA MAT: blanket, rug, or towel work well
  • CHAIR: stool or the arm of a sofa works well too!
  • KB or DUMBBELL: cans, water bottles, books, etc.

All participants must sign our Liability Waiver and Rules Agreement.