Youth Climbing Lessons


Basic Top Rope Skills

$35 Non-Members / $10 for Members

This beginner lesson is designed as an introduction to learning the ropes. The lesson covers knot tying, belaying, rope management skills, the use of technical equipment and climbing commands. Emphasis is placed on the skills needed to belay in a controlled environment.

Ages 14+, this lesson is not an introduction to climbing technique


Climbing 201: Intermediate Technique

$35 Non-Members / $25 Members

Learn the essential movement skills needed to be smooth and efficient on the wall. This class focuses on the body positioning, footwork, and route reading skills that will help you conserve strength and maximize your climbing performance.

Offered at VE–Twin Cities Bouldering only


Climbing Merit Badge for Scouts


A five-hour class in which Scouts can meet all of the requirements for the BSA Climbing Merit Badge. Badge requirements include belaying, rappelling, knot tying, rope management, and other general safety requirements. Scouts must be at least 12 years old. Scouts without the First Aid Merit Badge cannot earn the Climbing Merit Badge. This class is open to both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, however the requirements met are only that of the BSA Climbing Merit Badge.

Each facility runs lessons on a different day, so check a different location if you aren’t finding a date that works for you.


Private Lesson

Call for Pricing

Private climbing lessons will provide the direction, structure and content to refine your climbing skills. Customized lesson topics range from training and stretching to advanced movement techniques. Improve your climbing skills by reserving time for a private lesson. Rentals included. Open to all ages. Schedule in advance.

All participants must sign our Liability Waiver and Rules Agreement.