Vertical Endeavors Twin Cities Bouldering

Climbing, fitness, and Yoga! Vertical Endeavors– Twin Cities Bouldering is a cutting-edge indoor climbing, yoga, and fitness center serving the Twin Cities community. People of all ages and abilities can challenge themselves and have a blast. The facility features 18,000 square feet of bouldering walls along with a full fitness area and yoga studio.

Take on a great work out and come experience the excitement of rock climbing in the Twin Cities.

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Building Size0 ft²
Bouldering Area0 ft²

Training + Fitness by
Eric Hörst


2550 Wabash Avenue,
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55114

Regular Hours

Monday–Saturday: 10AM–10PM
Sunday: 10AM–6PM

Members Only
Monday-Saturday: 8AM-10AM

Holiday Hours 2019

4th of July: Closed
Thanksgiving Day: Closed
Christmas Eve: 10AM–4PM
Christmas Day: Closed
New Years Eve: 10AM–6PM
New Years Day: 10AM–10PM



Our Team

Emily Orr
Facility Manager/ Climb Team Coach
Ingrid Dirtzu
Assistant Facility Manager
Alex Johnson
Head Climb Team Coach
Lindsay Kocka
Yoga Program Manager

Climbing | Fitness | Yoga


Improving your strength, flexibility, and focus are a few of the many ways in which yoga can benefit people of all ages. Specifically for climbers, yoga is a great practice to help you climb harder and injury free. We offer a wide-range of yoga classes at our Vertical Endeavors–Twin Cities Bouldering facility that are perfect for climbers and beyond!


We offer a variety of fitness classes at VE–Twin Cities Bouldering that provides you with a structured, professionally delivered training plan aimed at helping you increase your base fitness level. Each class will provide you with a  well-rounded workout which is designed to increase your overall fitness, strength, mobility, and endurance for climbing. 

All participants must sign our Liability Waiver and Rules Agreement.

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