Matt Peroutka

Since: 2021 About Me: There’s not much to be said about me. Hometown: Willow Springs Climbing Since: 2008 Favorite Type of Climbing: Bouldering Favorite Climbing Area: LRC (Little Rock City) What I love about climbing: The Problem solving, and just the community backed by the sport. But you can’t forget about the views, have to…

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John Cartozian

Since: 2010 About Me: Born and raised in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago although his heart belongs in the wilderness. Currently in the process of raising his daughter Linnea to become a new rock prodigy, or ballerina, with his wife Hannah. Hometown: Batavia, IL Climbing Since: 2006 Favorite Type of Climbing: Anything Outside Favorite Climbing Area:…

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Aaron Cruz

Since: 2017 About Me: I grew up in the Western suburbs of Chicago. When I got into climbing I never expected it to change my life in the way that it has. I’m forever grateful for all the opportunities climbing has given me and for all the amazing people it’s brought into my life. Hometown: Hanover…

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