VE Summer Slam will be held on Saturday, June 1, 2024 at Vertical Endeavors - Bloomington.

Competition Information

$20 Members | $30 Non-Members
*Participants must be top-rope belay qualified at Vertical Endeavors.

Choose the category that best describes you! If both participants are not of the same skill level, they should compete at the level of the stronger member.

  • Recreational: "I do not expect to always flash (climb with no falls or takes) 5.9 routes"
  • Intermediate: "I expect to flash 5.10- routes about half of the time."
  • Advanced: "I expect to flash 5.11- routes about half of the time."
  • Open: "I expect to flash 5.12- routes about half of the time, or more."

Prizes will be awarded to the winners of each category, and to our costume contest winners!

10–11 AM | Competitor Check-In
11–11:30 AM | Rules Meeting
11:30–3:30 PM | Climbing!
3:40–4 PM | Score Tabulation
4–4:30 PM | Awards
4:30–5 PM | Clean Up

Climbers must begin each attempt from the ground, and may start on any holds they can reach. The climber gets credit for climbing the route when they match both hands on the last hold, which will be taped. If the climber falls or otherwise weights the rope, their attempt is over and they must come down. The rope should not be pulled tight by the belayer while climbing (no "birthday belaying"!); if the rope is kept too tight a judge may ask the belayer to keep the belay looser, and potentially call an end to the climber's attempt.

After the first climber lowers off of a route (either after finishing it or falling), their partner may also attempt the route. It is fine for the two to talk about the route and share beta. If one or both of the partners fall, the team can try the route again immediately, but only if there is nobody else in line; if other teams are waiting to try the route, the team must go to the back of the line. A team can only be in line for one route at a time.

Climbers can use any holds, volumes, or natural features that they can reach. The exception to this is any wall feature with black tape on it. Black tape means that a wall feature is "off" for the route, and should not be used.

Sticking fingers in the T-Nut holes is not allowed! It can easily lead to injury and is super lame.