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VEG Clinic Weekend | Feb 23–26, 2024

Beginning Friday, February 23rd at 6 PM, join us to expand your knowledge on various types of climbing, belaying, route setting, camping, and so much more.
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$ 150 Members | $200 Non-Members
  • Access to ALL clinics during Clinic Weekend!
  • Does not include Reel Rock screening ticket.


$12 Members | $15 Non-Members
  • View four fantastic new climbing films! Screening will be held from 6:30–9 PM on Saturday, Feb. 24th.

Register for individual clinics in person or by calling VE Glendale Heights.


6–8 PM | Cleaning Sport Anchors (2 hours)

Looking to climb sport routes outside this coming Spring/Summer? This is the class for you. Learn to accurately and safely clean a sport anchor you have set outside to lower and then retrieve your gear. The class will go over the Petzl Passthrough technique, and a few orientations of sport anchor you can set outside, depending on the bolts and how they are set up.

Prerequisite: Lead Qualified


6–9 PM | Sport/Lead (3 hours)

Learn to climb on the sharp end. If your only experiences include top rope climbing and bouldering, but you’re ready for what’s next, this is the course for you. This lesson will introduce the climber to leading sport routes. Topics include the art of controlled and efficient lead belaying, how to clip the rope into protection as you ascend, lead climbing techniques, the art of falling and how to catch a fall.

Prerequisite: Top Rope Belaying for at least 3 months


6–9 PM | Setting Top Rope Anchors (3 hours)

Learn how to set Top-Rope Anchor systems outside, depending on what natural features you have available to you. This class will review the gear needed to set different types of anchors and the general concepts you will need to apply when creating them outside.

Prerequisite: Top Rope Qualified


8–9 PM | Climbing Gear (1 hour)

Wondering what the difference between certain belay devices is? Want to learn more about outdoor climbing gear? The Climbing gear class will go over different belay devices, harnesses, outdoor gear, and more.

Prerequisite: None


9–10 PM | Rappelling (1 hour)

So, you know how to get up a route outside, but now you’re wondering how do I get down? This class will go over the gear necessary and the systems you would use to rappel from the top of a line. The class will also offer practical applications and allow you to practice the setting up and motion of a rappel.

Prerequisite: None


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