Vertical Endeavor’s Route Setters Tell All…

Vertical Endeavor’s route setters are hard at work bringing you tons of new climbs every week at your favorite climbing facilities. Take a glimpse behind the scenes into the minds of the creators and curators of your favorite climbs! If you see a route setter in the wild give them a high five and thank them for all their hard work!

How long have you been climbing? How did you get into climbing?

Terra- I’ve been climbing since September 2020. My friend introduced me to bouldering and I became obsessed!

Avery- I’ve been climbing for around six years now, I started my first year in college where I climbed on an art wall. All my early projects were trying to do all natural routes. 

Andrew- ? I have been climbing for around 12 or 13 years. I got inspired from watching videos of climbing, especially from Dan Osman and his scary dino on a free solo climb. No thanks on that.

Grey- 7 years & living an hour and a half from red river gorge babyyy.

Craig- Since 1999, Boy Scouts. 

How long have you been setting? How did you get into setting?

Terra- Started in September of 2023. My friends all did it, it seemed like something I would like, so I emailed Craig and bothered him a lot until he let me on the team!

Avery- I started setting around six months after I started climbing, so it’s been about five years now. I just felt like setting was a natural extension of more ways to enjoy climbing. 

Andrew- Combined, I have been setting for about a year. I set a little on my own small wall and then got a chance to set at the local university wall.

Grey- 3 weeks here at VE & got into setting thanks to my friends Bri & Shai at climb so iLL.

Craig- Since 2008, my dad and I made a home wall.

Favorite gym to set at?

Terra- Probably VE Bloomington, they have such a bougie hold room.

Avery- I enjoy TCB.

Andrew- Definitely TCB where I spend most of my time at. 

Grey- Bloomington (the gym I don’t normally set at 🙁 ).

Craig- TCB.

Favorite style to set? (Holds, wall angles, styles, etc)

Terra- Crimps and pockets, outdoorsy, love a roof, steep, compact positions.

Avery- I enjoy setting techy stuff at 30-40° the most. I’m super into accurate heel hooks and improbable-looking body positions.

Andrew- I’m a vertical kinda climber, so vertical or slab is where I like to be.  I prefer crimps and doing high feet when it gets reachy. Anything static and high on body tension. 

Grey- V4 dynamics comp moves aka v3s Craig doesn’t cut feet on.

Craig- Outdoor simulators on steeper angles.

Favorite gym to climb at?

Terra- TCB! I love the 2016 moonboard.

Avery- Probably have the most fun at St. Paul. 

Andrew- TCB and Saint Paul.  B2 at Saint Paul is always a way to get beat down and stronger.  TCB has a great vibe and a lot of frequent climbers.

Grey- The moonboard at TCB hehe & all the sets at TCB.

Craig- TCB.

Fun fact about yourself?

Terra- I love doing speed puzzle competitions, and I’m pretty good at them!

Avery- My long term goal is to move to Ticino or Southern Germany someday!

Andrew- I spent 17 years working in service departments of Motorsports dealerships.  

Grey- I dirtbagged in red river gorge for 2 seasons & worked at the zipline and RedPoint. Also I can make the sound of Perry the Platypus :p.

Craig- I can reach jars that are on high up shelves, but usually can’t open them.

Favorite hold set

Terra- Flathold damage control 🥰.

Avery- I really like the bubbly crimps/pinches that flathold makes.

Andrew-  I really like the Nomad crimps.  Super comfy and grippy.

Grey-  I love a so iLL baby head.

Craig- Ooh fatty curled pinches from teknik.

Favorite wall or feature at Vertical Endeavors

Terra- I have a love/hate relationship with all of them, but I do enjoy setting B1 at St Paul because it feels like a playground.

Avery- The campus board.

Andrew- Definitely the arch and snake at TCB.

Grey- Anything but the barrels at VES but for real the slab wall at VEB

Craig- Endeavors. 15 degree over hang lead wall at VEB.

Go to climbing/setting snack

Terra- Sour gummy worms!!!!!!

Avery- Anything that will damage my tooth enamel. 

Andrew- Macaroni and pizza.  But no one knows that, especially not Craig.

Grey- ABC cookies & kombucha.

Craig- Terra’s gummy worms.

One tip for people climbing at Vertical Endeavors on your routes?

Terra- Don’t skip any of the holds! It’s more fun to climb what I worked hard to put on the wall instead of skipping moves. Climb to climb, not just get to the top 😜.

Avery- I’m not that tall, so if you think a move is reachy, you probably need to try a different approach.

Andrew- Sometimes it isn’t a bump but a cross over move. 

Grey- Drop yo knees.

Craig- There’s probably going to be a hand flip. 

Favorite YouTube climber/climbing channel

Terra-  Sofya Yokoyama!

Avery- Tension makes some pretty inspiring stuff that gets you psyched to try hard. 

Andrew- Eric Karlsson is always my go to. Especially the older videos of just Eric and his friends trying hard.  

Gray- They/Them is my favorite film on YouTube by Patagonia! A good story with a STRONG climber.

Craig- I really only troll the gram for yossiclimbs and bpump. 

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