Sarah Wiehe

Since: 2014
About Me:  I have competed in all disciplines of climbing.  I competed with Vertical Endeavors Mountain Goats for 6 years.  Climbing around the country and attending regional, divisional and national competitions was a big part of my youth.  I have a passion for training young climbers to be strong and healthy and to catch the climbing fever.
Hometown: Roseville, MN
Climbing Since: 2005
Favorite Type of Climbing:  Sport Climbing (bouldering a close second)
Favorite Climbing Area: Spear Fish Canyon, South Dakota & Rumney Rocks, New Hampshire
What I love about climbing: I like that it is you against the rock and the supportive community. I also love that climbing is a mental and physical challenge
Other Interests: When I’m not climbing, I’m taking photos, scrapbooking/card making camping and hanging out with my dog.
Interesting Facts: I take care of seniors in their homes and am a Personal Trainer.