Joey Burdick Levang

Since: March 2017
Hometown: Maple Grove, MN
Climbing Since: Spring 2016
Favorite Type of Climbing: Top rope. My experience with lead is pretty minimal, so it’s nice to be able to focus more on the wall than the clipping and falling that comes with lead.
Favorite Climbing Area: From the places I’ve been so far? North Shore. You can’t beat the view anywhere else in the state.
What I love about climbing: It exercises both my brain and my body. A lot of sports require quick decision making, but with climbing I have the time to try, fail, and figure out new ways to break a problem I’m stuck on.
Other Interests: When I’m not at the gym, you can typically find me practicing banjo, among other folksy acoustic instruments, playing Dungeons & Dragons, reading something philosophical or theological in nature, doing yoga, cross country skiing, or knitting a Norse looking something or another.
Interesting Facts: My full name is 29 letters long, I can name the first two generations of Pokemon, and I am vaguely related to one of the engineers that oversaw construction on the Hoover Dam.