Emily Orr

Since: 2015
About Me: 
I started climbing my senior year of high school and never stopped. The gym where I started climbing was in the middle of a mall and was run by volunteers. This gym was where my passion for the sport and the community first began. The gym no longer exists but it will forever be one of my favorite places to climb. After two years as Manager at that gym, I took a job at Vertical Endeavors and moved to Minneapolis/Saint Paul. Since then I have been dedicated to expanding my climbing skills and knowledge, and have continued to share my passion with others.
Grand Forks, ND
Climbing Since: 
Favorite Type of Climbing: 
I can honestly say I love all types.
Favorite Climbing Area: 
Anywhere with my friends.
What I love about climbing: 
I love the community, the sense of accomplishment and the mental battle of climbing. The community is so welcoming and loves to share their passion for the sport with others. I can honestly say the climbing community is one of a kind.
Other interests: Other outdoor adventures, hiking biking, camping, etc
Interesting Facts: 
All swans in England belong to the Queen, Polar Bears are left handed, and I am a Gryffindor.