Bill Wendt

Since: 2008
About Me:  Ever since my introduction to climbing in 2006, my life has basically revolved around climbing. I have worn almost every hat the company has had to offer me. From Head Coach to Head Routesetter and finally to Facility Manager. And when I am not working at the gym I am usually climbing or wishing I was climbing while I fight through busy life and an onslaught of injuries. And sometimes I get tricked/berated into setting routes by the climbers.
Hometown: Wheaton, IL
Climbing Since: 
Favorite Type of Climbing: Bouldering
Favorite Climbing Area: Rocktown, GA
What I love about climbing… I really love the community. It is incredibly supportive and everyone in it is a genuine good person.
Other Interests: Video games, I’ll never grow out of that one. Shootin, even though it’s too expensive to do often.
Interesting Facts: I can’t swim! Hence, the reason I won’t go deep water soloing.