YOGA classes

Price:  Free for VE Members | Non-members pay $18 entry fee into the facility which also includes access to climbing and fitness area. Yoga mats are available to rent for $3

Improving your strength, flexibility, and focus are a few of the many ways in which yoga can benefit people of all ages. Specifically for climbers, yoga is a great practice to help you climb harder and injury free. We offer a wide-range of yoga classes at our Vertical Endeavors–Twin Cities Bouldering facility that are perfect for climbers and beyond! In addition to our regular yoga schedule, we offer a variety of specialty yoga workshops and events.

Participants must sign up at the front counter for classes when they enter the facility. Max class size is 20
Participants must be at least 14 years old

Realign: Movement

This open-levels dynamic practice is anchored within the idea of unionizing your breath with your movement to cultivate physical and mental resilience. Utilizing elements of alignment focused vinyasa yoga, coupled with intentional breath work and modern biomechanics, you can expect to build strength and flexibility in your body, an acute awareness within your mind, and an overall sense of vigor and vitality. You’ll probably break a good solid sweat, and hopefully leave with more energy than you had coming in.

Recover: Mobility

Stability and Mobility go hand in hand. Our “Recover” classes are intended to serve as a practice that focuses on that exact relationship. Combining elements of more traditional yoga as well as functional primal natural movement, our focus is on working slowly, deliberately, and with intention. You’ll stay low to the ground, hold extended Yin Yoga poses to create therapeutic resiliency within your connective tissues, use therapy balls and blocks, and exit your practice with newfound body awareness, along with a greater sense of stability and mobility.

Restore: Meditation+Massage

Who says all meditation has to be seated, with your legs crossed and a “hummmmm” escaping your lips? This class is meant to serve as a place for you to soften, unravel, and allow for your nervous system to reboot, while enjoying a meditative state of relaxation. You’ll spend the majority of class either laying down on your back or belly, as well as moving between nurturing restorative yoga poses, and contextualizing props and wall space to ensure that you’re comfortable and well supported. You can expect to receive multiple Thai Yoga Massage inspired hands on assists infused with essential oils throughout the duration of class, along with guided breathwork and approachable meditation techniques.

Review: Introduction to Yoga

Never stepped foot on a yoga mat before? Interested in learning some of the finer details of the more common poses and transitions that we offer in our classes? This class is our absolute baseline practice, for those of you who are interested in really hashing out some of the basic alignment and modification options before jumping into our other all-levels group classes. This format is meant to be a bit more conversational, with time laid out at the beginning of every class for you to ask your instructor specific yoga-related questions to help you gain more clarity. We want you to know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, so that you can move into a space where you feel confident and exploratory within your own personal practice.

All participants must sign our Liability Waiver and Rules Agreement.