Join us for the first ever Tag Team Summer Slam Competition at VE - Bloomington on June 3rd, 2023!

Community Competition | Redpoint

$20 members  |  $30 non-members

Recreational: "I do not expect to always flash (climb with no falls or takes) 5.9 routes"
Intermediate: "I expect to flash 5.10- routes about half of the time."
Advanced: "I expect to flash 5.11- routes about half of the time."
Open: "I expect to flash 5.12- routes about half of the time, or more."

At judge discretion, teams that perform sufficiently above the other teams in their category may be bumped into a higher category. Please do not "sandbag" your team by putting yourself in an easier category so you can win easily! Dirty tricks may be par for the course in pro wrestling, but this comp is meant to be fun and fair.

Prizes will be awarded for each category, as well as for costumes! Wear a themed costume with your partner for maximum points!

Registration Requirements
> Participants must be top rope belay qualified at Vertical Endeavors.
> All comp routes will be top rope, so lead proficiency is not required.
> Participants must be a minimum of 14 years old.
> And finally, this is a tag team event, so participants need a partner!
> See registration link below for a full outline of rules and scoring methods.

All participants must sign our Liability Waiver and Rules Agreement.