CWA Training

The Climbing Wall Association is a non-profit membership association whose mission is to support the development of the climbing wall industry, to promote the sport of climbing and to advocate for its members. It is currently the only organization of its kind in the United States. The CWA’s network includes over 400 private climbing facilities, college programs, athletic clubs and recreation facilities; as well as climbing wall and equipment manufacturers, media and industry supporters.

Climbing Wall Instructor Certification (CWI)

The purpose of this certification program is to establish a voluntary certification for climbing instructors and a uniform set of performance standards that can be easily adopted throughout North America. It is the ideal course for anyone interested in becoming a CWA certified Climbing Wall Instructor or working directly with patrons at an indoor climbing wall or facility. The curriculum includes professionalism, equipment inspections, risk management (as it relates to climbing activities), patron orientations and developing effective teaching skills.

Climbing Wall Manager Training Program (CWMTP)

The Climbing Wall Manager Training Program is the ideal course for anyone interested in becoming a CWA certified Climbing Wall Instructor or managing an indoor climbing wall/facility. The primary goals of the program are to increase the level of professional climbing instruction in North America and to assure that climbing wall operators are in compliance with current industry standards. This program is endorsed by the Climbing Wall Association (CWA) as a pilot program and is modeled after Vertical Endeavors’ Instructor Training Program which has been administered for over 18 years.

Program Provider Training (PPT)

This training will provide an overview of the CWA Climbing Wall Instructor Certification Program for prospective instructor pool members. It is intended that as the program evolves, this training will also serve as continuing education option for instructor pool members.This training will review the program policy manual, the CWA Industry Practices, the student manual and curricula and general course flow. A portion of the training will be spent in scenarios to develop provider skills in the consistent nationwide delivery of course content, fair student evaluation, providing effective student feedback, risk management and in discussing the consensus pass/fail standards.

All participants must sign our Liability Waiver and Rules Agreement.