Bringing Diversity To Social Media

Happy February, climbers!

Every February, we celebrate the many contributions Black people have made to the rich tapestry of American history. It is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the many ways in which black histories and experiences add to the growing narrative of what it means to be an American.

It is also a time to remind ourselves and others about the lack of diversity in the outdoors and the sport of climbing. While the popularity of climbing continues to grow, more and more conversations are being had about the underrepresentation of minorities in the gym and at the crag, and how to remedy them.

This month, we are going to be sharing ways in which you can educate yourself about diversity in climbing and the importance of ensuring that inclusivity remains a priority in our industry. It is vital to seek out stories and experiences that often go overlooked in the American narrative and to be aware of how to make everyone feel welcome and excited to break into a community and sport we all love!

Week 2!

This week, we’re taking a look at some great Instagram accounts to follow. If you want to keep your feed fresh and current, don’t hesitate to diversify the people and groups you follow. Below is a list of accounts with great climbing content to add to your feed today!